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Just below you will find some examples of my UX/UI design work. The clients I have had the privilege to work with range from small businesses wanting a new look and feel, to major state agencies and corporations, needing a complete overhaul of the User Experience and User Interfaces for their digital web landscape. Some of the projects have allowed me to be a part of the whole design process from wireframes & UI elements to style guides and optimized asset delivery. I hope these examples inspire you to reach out, so I may have the opportunity to serve your digital design needs!


Harvest Data

Harvest Data came to me to re-design their current website and product application portal. Their goal was to have the site represent their brand better, with a more current look and feel, along with responsive design layouts to illustrate how the new design would react with different devices using a bootstrap development structure. I designed for them a new Homepage, site Hdrs, and Footers, along with necessary UI elements throughout the site. I worked with the Owner and Lead Developer to deliver these design assets along with Style Guides to adhere to once development takes place. 

Focus Laboratories Logo

Focus Laboratories

One of my tasks working with Focus Laboratories, was to redesign their public facing ShopFocusLabs.com website. The main goal was to make it easier to view their flagship product lineup “above the fold”. And to create a better UX design that would allow the end-user to preview details about the product(s) before committing to leave the homepage. I was also tasked with designing an interface that would better communicate the brands mission to the Eye Health community.

Arkansas Dept of Human Services

Arkansas Dept of Human Services

I was brought in as a Contractor to redesign the User Experience and User Interfaces for all the ADHS public and provider website portals. The primary goal was to design accessible content for a diverse user base, that brings common sense functionality for there clients and service providers. While working with a team of developers, I provided page design examples, that illustrated the best user flow, and created iconography to help in user visual aids. Once designs were finalized, I worked with developers to provide style guides to help the team in creating consistent User Experiences for their clients.

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