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Just below you will find a chosen array of my brand/logo designs I am excited to display. Please feel free to click any one of them to see how some are very detailed or how a simpler approach was applied to convey a brand’s individual personality. Further down the page, I have separated out for your review, just a few choice brands I have been involved with, and how these brands have been applied to many communication mediums. I hope you enjoy what you see!

Clireon Logo

Clireon - Wound and Skin Care

The Clireon brand serves as a “go-to” wound and skin care aid for all your animals. I was personally involved in the branding of this product line from the beginning. After researching present trends in the animal care industry, our team came up with the name Clireon, as a play on words to help communicate the primary purpose of this amazing product. Soon after, I created the visual look and feel for this brands logo, product and packaging design. I have had the opportunity to design all digital & print communications.

Tree of Life Seeds

Tree of Life Seeds has been a great client to work with! I was involved with TOLS since it’s new branding overhaul back in early 2017. The Tree of Life Seeds brand serves the Hemp CBD community, with a genetically superior product. So, it is a win-win to have been involved with this team designing assets for an ever-growing customer base through effective UX/UI site design, online e-commerce marketing, social media engagement, print advertising and educational material for their growing brick-n-mortar retail partnerships.

Pipeline Pet Products

Pipeline Pet Products is one of my California based clients. We have worked together to create and build their overall parent company (Pipeline Pet Products) brand logo, print assets, and more recently the digital footprint for themselves, and all of their sub-brands/products they own (eg: Green Bark Gummies, Organicfuls, Ocean to Bowl, OrganicLight, Droolers, Holistic Essentials, Terra Ultra and Fruit Nibblers).

I designed and developed HTML5 landing pages for a few of their new brands as they were launched publicly in stores and needed to have those products & their information web accessible. Most recently it became important to better the SEO & UX/UI experience by combining all their brands under one optimized CMS roof. I was then tasked with re-creating each brand’s current website, some still on out-dated structures. This included developing a metered strategy to design, transfer & integrate each brand into the new parent sites cms structure, that works with their budgets, and still keeps an effective timeline. This process is still in progress, so please check back again, to see more of Pipeline Pet Products growing product lineup.

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